Parcel Force sucks.

The days are getting better. It has been sunny lately and despite the wind it isn't so cold. Regarding the title, I just had to write down my dissatisfaction with Parcel Force. I had never ever had a good experience with them. Whenever, someone sent me an item through Parcel Force, I'd have complications, maybe I should tell them prior 'Please, don't send me stuff through Parcel Force'. Terrible service.

February 2015.

During winter is easier to dedicate myself to craft as it is not that fun to be out in the cold. Recently, I have been working on a couple of projects. The good things about this week is that I had nice talks with a friend and my creative block vanished. In the other hand, two of my plants are dying (my favourite one too) I wonder if its the cold or lack of light. Every time I get home I find my cat sleeping on my pillow.
My Journal, selected pages - 2014/2015.
I have a love/hate relationship with public transport. Mostly, hate. I hate when I have to wait 10-20 minutes for the bus in the cold and wind. I hate when it arrives packed. I hate the fact that it isn't always crowded with 'nice' people. Teenagers from school, drunk people, violent people. It happens. But I have this unexplainable pleasure in sitting by the window and watching the people on the side walks, people that might not be really nice either, yet to the sound of music they all are. I also don't understand the fact that I am only an avid reader when I am in public transport. But I hate when certain people sit next to me and I can't breathe. I love when it's all empty and the sun reflects against the windows. It's 2015 now, but the red double decker rides just like a chariot, juddering down the streets.
Pan's labyrinth (2006) director: Guillermo Del Toro